Scottish Rite Valley Membership Project Announced

Venerable Master Keith Head announced a new program from the Supreme Council named the Scottish Rite Valley Membership Project (VMAP). It appears that this is a similar program to the Grand Lodge of Montana’s “Master Builder” Program, but the VMAP program is obviously specifically tailored to the Scottish Rite. The program was created by Brethren who attended the 2014 Scottish Rite Regional Leadership Workshops, and is designed to assist in planning and promoting a well-rounded Valley with activities to engage and involve every member.


The program includes activities and requirements in each of the following categories:
1. Membership Recruitment
2. New Member Engagement
3. Degree Conferral Proficiency
4. Reunion Experience
5. Scottish Rite Education for Candidates
6. Scottish Rite Education for Members
7. Officer Responsibilities & Engagement
8. Philanthropy & Public Image
9. Membership Retention
10. Valley Organizations

This program is completely voluntary, but it is hoped that the Great Falls Valley will become involved.

The Supreme Council will be holding a live webcast to discuss the VMAP program on September 3 and 16 at 5pm MDT at the following link:

VMAP Live Webcast

The following is the link the the VMAP program on the Supreme Council’s website:

For further information, please review the VMAP workbook:


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